14 Awesome Facebook Facts

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms to date and thanks to its major success has been able to acquire several other companies.

But there may be some things you don’t know about this dominating social platform. Read below for 14 amazing facts about Facebook you may have not known about.

Fact #1

On average, five new profiles are created every single second. That’s around 400,000 a day!

Fact #2

There are over 2.41 billion monthly active users on Facebook.

Fact #3

The most common age demographic on Facebook is 25 – 34, with almost 30% of users falling into this bracket.

Fact #4

Guilty of scrolling on Facebook after lunch? Well, Facebook has reported that their traffic levels are highest during the hours of 2pm and 3pm.

Fact #5 

76% of women are Facebook users, compared to 66% of men.

Fact #6 

Mark Zuckerberg initially founded Facebook in 2004 on February the 4th.

Fact #7

Facebook first came about under the name ‘Facemash’ (weird one, we know) and gave users the chance to rank different Harvard students by ‘hotness’.

Fact #8

The average number of friends a user will have is 338, with most people considering only 23% of those friends to be real-life connections.

Fact #9

Have you ever seen a profile with 2 friends and 1 photo? Well, it turns out that an estimated 83 million profiles on Facebook are fake.

Fact #10

On average, 300 million images are uploaded to Facebook every day.

Fact #11 

Almost 40,000 people have been employed by Facebook.

Fact #12

Mobile advertising revenue accounts for 94% of Facebook’s advertising income.

Fact #13

Wale up and check Facebook. Around 50% of 18 – 24 year olds will check Facebook as soon as they wake up.

Fact #14

Facebook’s own page is actually the site’s most popular page with 214.4 million likes.


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