2019 Social Media Trends to Watch Out For

It’s safe to say that social media has taken over the world. It is crucial for any business, small or large, to get involved with the social media trends that are taking over in 2019. Social media cannot be ignored, it’s where your audience will go to ask questions and complain.

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Videos will make Everything Easier

Another one of our social media trends to watch out for is video. We can all agree that videos are much easier to comprehend than a bunch of writing, particularly for the younger generation. A video is very compelling, seeing instead of reading will make people more likely to buy a product. They don’t have to imagine the product or figure out for themselves what the purpose of the product is. They can sit back, have a snack and watch.

Then at the end of the video, with all that energy your audience saved from not having to read a single word, they are very likely to buy your product. Research shows that 81% of people who bought a product did so as a result of watching a promotional video.

Another good aspect of using video is that it gives a face for the brand. A familiar face is always something people notice straight away, so your audience recognising you makes them want to watch more of your content. It’s like they’re building a friendship with you that only they know about.


Their Way or No Way 

Your target audience are probably a picky bunch. And if what you’re advertising isn’t exactly what they want, then frankly they won’t care. Social media trends can be tricky, but this one is probably one of the more harder ones to get your head around.

Refining your target audience to make sure they really want to see your services is the way to go in 2019. Your audience want to see offers and discounts that are useful to them, not irrelevant products that mean nothing to them.

Even small business should jump on board with targeted advertising. With the way things are going, it’s not surprising what people consider the norm thanks to all the big companies digging into their data.


Personal Branding is the Way Forward

As briefly stated before, a person being the face of a brand humanises your company and services. This is called personal branding, and in small businesses especially, having a person as the face of a brand naturally builds trust.

Trust is essential for building relationships with your audience and customers. If the owner of a company, for example, is also the face of a company it allows for the audience to get to know this person and trust them. If they can trust the owner, why wouldn’t they trust their product too?


Instagram is a Smash

Although Facebook is peaking, it’s sister platform Instagram is doing quite the opposite. This social media platform, which is video and image-based, allows users to share photos and videos from their phone a lot more easily.

Instagram’s rise has meant the platform has already passed one billion users, which is a very impressive achievement for social media. So, as one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms, perhaps it’s important for brands to utilise this marketplace. With much of its user-base being a younger demographic (under 30s), businesses can target their consumers quicker than ever. And it’s sad to say but Facebook is losing its reputation, it’s also becoming known as the social media platform for “old people.”


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