Visual Trends Likely to Happen in 2019

At &create, we’ve noticed that visual trends have gradually started to have a bigger input, especially within social media, evolving and changing almost every month.

And if you don’t believe us, have a think about this.

When you open up any social media platform, most of the time you will scroll down your feed and then other times you’ll put more effort into visiting people’s profiles. So let’s say you go to a brand’s profile, what’s the first thing your mind is drawn to? Most likely, it will be the logo or profile photo or header image. It’s then that you will start to scan down to their first few posts.


Our point? As a business, your visual elements will hugely influence how your brandis perceived and seen. With social feeds becoming increasingly over-populate, it’s important to stick out from the crowd. You can do this by posting trending images, using brighter colours and sticking to your brand’s image – make your business memorable.

We’ve researched and curated a list of visuals trends that might occur this year, to help your brand flourish creatively.


#1 – Personalisation is Desired

We’ve seen many brands flop for trying a “one size fits all” approach and marketing to a vast audience. This year we expect consumers to want more personalised content, that’s aimed more specifically at their own wants and needs.

What we suggest: market your business in a way that makes your clients believe they are receiving a more intimate and personalised service.


#2 – Provocative is the New Creative

Standing out from all the noise can be tricky, but it’s all about trying new things. Far too often we see brands staying within the creative box, meaning that they will eventually seep into the shadows where no consumer will notice them.

What we suggest: Dare to be creative by being bold and brave. Do something that will make your audience say, “I wasn’t expecting that!”


#3 – Favour Nostalgia

Now, we don’t mean posting #throwbackthursdays of old office events. This is far too generic and may be a trend that’s a little out of date. Remember, we’re talking visually here, so try taking inspiration from things like art history.

What we suggest: add your own modern twist to old era patterns, colour palettes, and fonts.


#4 – Interactive Content is Key

We’re approaching a pretty techy future, with 3D visuals, virtual reality and “flying cars”. So why not tap into that? It doesn’t have to expensive either. Take a look at this animation for example:

What we suggest: don’t take things to seriously, make sure your ideas are fun while also being representative of your brand.


2019 is a new year for us to try new visual trends. So don’t take them too seriously and have fun!

If you’d like any more advice on visual trends, marketing or social media then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at 01302 989068 or email


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