28 Types of Social Media Posts to Keep Your Followers Interested

We’ve given you a list of ideas for blogs, so now we’re giving you ideas for your social media posts too!

Have you noticed your engagement declining on social media recently? Or are you tired of constantly running out of ideas to keep your followers interested?

Well, we’ve created a simple but effective list of social media posts and ideas to spark that engagement and bring in new audiences.

1. Before and Afters

2. Funny memes

social media meme

3. Short video tip

4. Behind the scenes clip

5. Video announcements

6. Industry article/ blog

7. Industry fact

8. Answer FAQs

9. Infographic


10. Time-saving tip

11. Money-saving tip

12. Favourite resource

13. Favourite tool/ software

14. Share gratitude

15. @mention a follower

16. @mention an influencer

17. Take a poll

18. National Day

national coffee day

19. Trending news event

20. Re-share a viral video

21. Fun facts

22. Inspiration quote

23. Personal/ business mantra

24. Re-purpose old content

25. Product of service post

26. Testimonials


27. Promote your other social profiles

28. Hold a contest


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