4 Content Marketing Mistakes You Could Still Be Making

No matter what kind of business you are, content marketing is a great investment. It drives traffic to your social profiles and websites and brings high-quality leads. But only if you’re doing it right.

We see far too many companies post the same old content that just simply doesn’t click with the audience.

So we’ve looked at 4 of the biggest content marketing mistakes that we see people make, and ways you can avoid them.

  1. Not creating reusable content

When it comes to creating content, you want to avoid ‘single-use’ and ‘one-time’ posts. Producing good content drains time and resources so it’s important to make it reusable. Content that can be repurposed and posted onto different channels later down the road is gold, so make sure you keep that in mind.

  1. Lack of content for sales funnels

There are countless steps within the buying process, so it’s only right that each step has its own piece of creative. But many marketers actually fail to do this. Remember this, creating plenty of content is key to successful conversions.

  1. Having no approval process

There’s nothing worse than putting together a brilliant piece of creative work and publishing it to find out an hour later that you’ve misspelled the word ‘marekting’. Having someone else on your team review creative work is vital because it ensures that the material you’re posting is catching your audience’s eye in the best way.

  1. Not reviewing content marketing performance

You’ve put lots of great content out there, but how do you know it’s working the way you want? Not reviewing and analysing your performance is a rookie mistake; it will lead to missing targets and lost sales. You too can improve your campaigns continuously by monitoring things engagement metrics like page views, social media shares, and the time visitors spent looking at pieces of content.


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