4 Tips for Repurposing your Blog Content

Have you just created the most awesome, fact-filled, killer blog?

If so, make sure you don’t waste it’s potential.

Posting it once may be fine, but you can actually increase the value of your blog content by simply repurposing it. Amazing right?


So what is meant by repurposing your blog content?

Well, in summary, it’s kind of like extending the shelf-life of your blogs.

This is a great tactic for maximising reach and improving its performance. Content variations and spinoffs will provide you with more content pieces for sharing. Sharing more of your blog content will mean it’s more likely to catch the attention of potential readers and drive more traffic to your website.

Creating new content can be difficult, so here are five simple tips for repurposing your blog posts:


  1. Different day, different formats

Let’s say the first time you post your blog it’s in longer sentences and more content heavy. You can then mix it up by re-writing, or repurposing it, in a different format. Turn key facts into checklists, graphics, slideshows, bullet points, or even videos and podcasts.


  1. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

You can refresh your content by updating your evergreen content with current information or new statistics. Republish your post with a current date and reshare your recycled content.


  1. The more, the merrier

There’s never any harm in making more graphics. So why not turn your blogs into eye-catching infographics? Alternatively, you could create memes for bold statements and add motion graphics to add life to your blogs and posts. This will be sure to get you more attention.


  1. Sequels can be better than the original

Follow-ups and series can be huge successes. Take your old blog content and write part 2’s by focusing on major aspects. Remember to link back to your old posts though.


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