5 Tactics to Increase Engagement on Your Instagram Stories

Don’t neglect your Instagram Stories.

The topic of today’s blog is rather important because, yes, while you could have a larger following on Instagram, it could be even bigger.

How you ask?

Two words – Instagram Stories.

And you may be thinking, “stories are more for personal use than business use right?”

Well, wrong. And we’re here to tell you why.

Stories are a great way to engage a wider audience and reach new potential customers. We want to share with you how you can increase your Instagram Stories engagement by implementing these key tips.


1. Tell a Story

Firstly, before we get into the more advanced stuff, the simplest way to up your Instagram Story engagements is to actually tell a story.

So think about having a beginning, a middle, and an end.

We’re all guilty of just throw a photo up and slapping some text on it (maybe a sticker or two if you’re feeling fancy). But why not try and give your audience a little more context to make the story experience even more entertaining.


2. Add Captions (or if you’re lazy – turn sound on)

We all do so you’re target audience probably do too.

Most people don’t have their sound on when they’re browsing through their Instagram stories, so your video will just seem like a talking head with no audio.

Our tip?

Take the time to write out what you’re saying to maximize your audience reach and response. Or if you don’t feel like doing that you can always use the “sound on” sticker!

instagram stories


3. Use Stickers

Speaking of stickers.

They are a fun way of making your Instagram Stories more interactive and interesting for your audience.

There are two particular stickers that can help brands boost their engagement:

Question Stickers

Before this sticker was available, you could still prompt your audience to ask you questions. But with the question sticker, it is so much easier and has a whole host of unique benefits.

For example, when you repost the question submitted, the person who asked gets a notification that their question has been answered (giving you an automatic view on your story).

You could ask your audience to ask you about a particular subject, what their biggest challenges are, or what they’d like to see from you next.

instagram stories     instagram stories

Poll Sticker

Use the Stories poll sticker to get in on your audience’s preferences, find out what they prefer, or provide general feedback for your business.

The best thing about the poll sticker is that you have access to a list of people who’ve answered your poll. You can then send them a direct message for 24 hours after the poll has concluded in order to take the conversation further.

instagram stories

Other Stickers

There a few other stickers to note as well.

  • the location sticker can ensure you show up in relevant region searches
  • mention sticker allows you to tag a person into your story
  • not really a sticker but Gifs are a great way to spice up your stories as well


4. Be Pushy with Prompts

Sometimes it’s as simple as telling people what you want them to do.

What do we mean by that?

Well in the case of engagement on your stories, you can use relevant calls to action to increase time spent on your story and to retain viewership throughout multiple posts.

A few for you to try:

  • Hold To Read – Try adding longer text messages to your Stories posts, and prompting viewers to “hold to read” the full content.
  • Tap For More – Start your Instagram Story with a post that asks a question, and add “Tap for more” after the question. The next post/s can be anything that explains the previous one.
  • Get Ready To – The “get ready to” prompt can create anticipation and excitement, and help you set the tone for what’s coming next.

instagram stories

5. Hashtag to your Heart’s Content

Now, not all of love a hashtag and visually they can ruin your images.

But here’s a nifty little trick that will help with the engagement and aesthetics of your story.

  1. Use whichever relevant hashtag you want.
  2. Make it super small
  3. Change to colour of the text (using the eyedropper tool) to that of the background
  4. Viola!

instagram stories     instagram stories

There is a lot more you can do to increase engagement but this should get your going for now.

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