6 Common Email Marketing Mistakes That Can Result in Your Emails Being Marked as Spam

Can’t figure out why your email marketing campaigns are being marked as spam in your recipients’ inboxes?
Well, you could actually be making some pretty common mistakes without even realising.

So we’ve collated 6 reasons why your emails might be ending up in spam.

Reason 1 – Not asking for permission

People open emails from people they know, and they deleted or mark as spam when the emails come from people they don’t recognise. It’s really that simple. Make sure you reliably source your email list and follow all GDPR rules and regulations.

Reason 2 – Hiding your identity

Even if you ask for permission, if your audience can’t recognise that your emails are coming from you, they could still mark you as spam. Stick to your brand guidelines for all your email campaigns and use one consistent email for all emails.

Reason 3 – Sending irrelevant content

Your email content doesn’t have to be offensive or rude to be marked as spam. Often, the worst offense you can commit is to include material that simply isn’t interesting or relevant to the people you’re trying to reach.

Reason 4 – Breaking promises

When someone signs up to receive your email communications, they do so with the idea that will be receiving something of value and gain for them. If you don’t communicate clearly what that value is – or if they are signing up for one thing and receiving something different – you could be putting yourself at risk of the feared ‘Spam Folder’.

Reason 5 – Overwhelming your audience

Selling your products or services is a critical part of email marketing, but if you’re sending too much promotional material you could be steering some people away.

Reason 6 – Having no way to opt-out

We see this far too often, but people will usually mark an email as spam because they simply want to get off the list. While it can be difficult to let go, if you have people who aren’t interested in receiving your emails, it’s better to give them the option to opt-out than trying to win them over with ‘amazing’ emails.

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