8 Graphic Design Trends for Summer 2019

By now, you should all realise how vital and important having a social media presence is for your business. But standing out from the crowd can be tricky when literally thousands of companies, similar to yours, are posting content and graphic design just as eye-catching as yours.

So how can we get users to stop mid-scroll and really pay attention to what you are sharing?

Plain text posts simply don’t cut it anymore, with graphic design and visuals being a huge factor of becoming successful online. And we’re going to tell you which trends you should really be tapping into.

Trend #1 – Fluid Shapes

Truthfully, flat and pristine shapes are past their sell-by date. Now is the perfect time to explore fluid and free-flowing shapes, they are exactly what you need to make your latest projects appear trendy and modern.

Trend #2 – Retro Visuals

Reinventing or redefining past movements or styles will really add a twist to your current design work. Something worth trying before the year is up.

Trend #3 – 3D Design

3D design is really gaining momentum and it’s set to continue for the rest of 2019. Use it to create depth and unique user experiences across all your social media platforms.

Trend #4 – Neon Colour Shock

‘The bolder, the better’ should be your new motto, especially as we’re coming up to summer. Engross your audience with striking colours like Cobalt Blue, Electric Lime, and Neon Orange.

Trend #5 – Open Composition

Don’t stick to the mold. Grids are no longer considered to be ‘everything’ in the graphic design world, so stretch out of your comfort zone and extend your designs beyond the frames.

Trend #6 – Metallics

Try complimenting with a subtlety of gold or silver to make your design look high-end with a touch of emphasis. It’s really that simple!

Trend #7 – Asymmetry

Because it’s so unconventional, asymmetry ignites curiosity within viewers. Surprise your audience with a piece of graphic design that has an unexpected layout or composition.

Trend #8 – Gradients

It may seem like an old-school attempt but it will breathe life into your design. Soft colour transitions will soothe the eye and keep you on trend this year.


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