8 SEO Tips to Improve your Website Ranking

Want some SEO tips? Search engine rankings are massively important when it comes to your business and website. The higher the ranking means the more likely you are going to be seen by the people searching for you or your services/products.

So here are our tips for ways in which you can get your site to the top of popular search engines like Google and Bing.


Tip 1 – Speed up your site

Try to get your server response time below 200 milliseconds by optimising your images for your site and getting rid of any unnecessary plugins or apps.


Tip 2 – Implement AMP 

Google introduced the Accelerated Mobile Pages to deliver a better experience to users so make sure you use this!


Tip 3 – Local Schema Markup

Don’t lose the opportunity to highlight the important aspects of your website content by failing to set up the local scheme markup. Make sure you choose a specific schema that best describes your business.


Tip 4 – Optimise GMB

Google local results are taking up more space than ever in organic searches. Optimise your Google My Business for more chances to be put in front of your target audience.


Tip 5 – Mobile Friendly

More and more people are using their phones for shopping and browsing websites. So make sure your site is up to date and meeting your viewers’ needs.


Tip 6 – Create Amazing Content

Update old content on your website and find keyword opportunities to rank your content.

Also, use plenty of visuals like videos and infographics to drive more engagement from your audience.


Tip 7 – Get Users to Review 

68% of customers are likely to trust a business if they read a positive review about them

So make sure your latest reviews are visible on your main landing page but also find ways to encourage new customers to review you too.


Tip 8 – Get on Social

Combining your SEO efforts with a strong social media presence is a sure way to double the traffic that goes to your site.


There are plenty more SEO tips we have for you, so make sure you visit back regularly to see when we update for part 2.

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