A Guide to Marketing Automation and which Mistakes to Avoid

Marketing automation is reaching it’s peak, with many businesses now adopting this tool and reaping the benefits.

The bad news? Like all good things, it also comes with the chance of making mistakes. These mistakes can range from damaging a company’s credibility, to accidental email spamming, to ruining a campaign.

That’s why we’re here with this blog! To help you figure out what it’s all about and how to avoid such headaches.

Set up a strategy or two

The first thing we advise is that you start with a plan – marketing automation will likely fail if you don’t have a strategy in place.

Before getting started with automation, it’s crucial to determine campaign goals and objectives with each goal requiring a different strategy. For example, the purpose of your current campaign may be to generate leads or increase email open rates.

Top Tip

Thanks to marketing automation tools, it’s easier than ever to create and schedule campaigns quickly. Unfortunately that also means there’s the possibility you will go overboard. Like being completely oblivious to the fact you just blasted one too many emails or social media posts to your audience.

So our advice it is to segment your audiences, and only send relevant emails to the right people at the right time. Staggering emails and social posts is a sure way to appropriately alert your contacts and followers without bombarding them.

Keep an eye on your campaigns

One of the risks of utilising marketing automation is to falling into the trap of “setting it and forgetting”. This could be scheduling a bunch of social posts but then not checking to see if they have gone out, or checking how the analytics are doing.

While it certainly saves time by automating manual tasks, you should still assign someone to monitor and check campaigns.

Testing and optimising

Speaking of monitoring your analytics, testing your content is a critical part of marketing automation.

Insights and analytics enable businesses to learn more about their audience and predict whether or not a strategy or campaign will succeed. Then, users can make changes to optimise their automated campaigns based on those results.


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