Boost Social Media Engagement with these 5 Tips

Social media marketing campaigns, even regular posting, can be a challenge and sometimes stressful. Spicing up your timeline with videos is a great way to mix up your content, producing these video can also be fun and add creativity to your brand. Although videos statistically get the most social media engagement, they still might not do too well. Whether that’s because the quality is bad, or it’s too long, or the topic is just plain boring.


But fear not, there is a way to get your compelling social videos seen, shared and liked.

Follow these 5 useful tips that will guarantee an increase in engagement on your videos.


Tip #1 – Topic and Relevance


There are two important factors that we believe directly effect your video’s performance: topic and subject matter. Your video should be of interest to your audience, in someway or another you need make sure that your concept or topic provides value to your viewers. One video simple idea could be to a company story video, entertaining while also allowing them to get to know your business better.


Tip #2 – Structure and Length


We can’t stress this enough, your video’s structure and length needs to be social media friendly for it to succeed. Adjusting your videos to be shorter and snappier is easy and can be the most impactful way to bring engagement on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. However, videos on YouTube and Facebook often do better when they are a little longer and more detailed. It’s about knowing your social networks and adapting to them, shape your content so it appeals to the masses.


Tip #3 – Beginnings


It’s unsavoury to see videos without a beginning or that have a badly thought-out thumbnail. The first few seconds of your video are pivotal, this is where a viewer will decide whether to carry on watching or click off. Keep the attention by directly addressing the point in your title and description, and use a thumbnail that intrigues your customer/client base.


Tip #4 – Optimisation


So many businesses nowadays fail to see the benefits of good SEO and thus neglect optimisation their content. Every network has potential for great social media engagement, as long as you use search engine optimisation correctly. Hashtags should be taken seriously – use ones that are relevant to your company and social content. Descriptions are key – don’t leave them blank, people like to know what your video is about before watching it. Titles are crucial – be clear about the video’s topic and don’t over-complicate the language.


Tip #5 – CTA


One of the most reliable and simple ways of getting social media engagement is by having a call-to-action? Want more re-tweets? Ask for them. Want people to visit your website? Ask them to follow the link. All you need to be doing is asking your audience to engage with you, this tip alone will instantly help you’re your social results. We suggest you determine your focus (is it aiming to get people to like, comment and share?) then include discreet calls-to-action within the video.


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