Defining Brand

Now, in our blogs, we talk a lot about a lot of things. From marketing to video to Facebook to Instagram to brand to… Well, you get the gist.

But what about if we stripped all this back?

That’s why we’ve decided to start a whole new series of blogs called Defining.

In this series, we will begin to explain the very basics of our industry, while also answering some very common questions.


So to kick it all off, here is the very first blog of this series.

Defining Brand.


What do we mean by the word brand?

The simplest answer is that a brand is a set of associations that a person (or group of people) makes with a company, product, service, individual or organisation.

For example, you’d associate a tick with Nike.

Or a yellow ‘M’ with McDonald’s.

Branding also can be looked as like a personality. The personality of a company is what makes them unique and different to their competitors.


How can you increase brand recognition?

The biggest thing is to stay consistent.

Whether that be with your tone of voice, mission, colour palette even.

Then it’s about getting your brand known.

Getting it out there on the TV or radio, or by word of mouth. The more people who know about your business, the more likely it will grow.


Can a brand evolve?

It’s essential that brands evolve with time as well as with their customer base, or desired customer base. If your customer changes their interests or if they hop onto one of the latest trends, you need to make sure your business gives them what they want.

At the same time, you don’t want to stray from your core personality. It’s about finding that right balance that can often take years.


How often should businesses be thinking about their brand?

All the time. You need to continually be thinking about what your values are and whether you’re staying true to your brand.

You need to be constantly finding ways to improve your brand. So see if your customer base is relating to your brand and then find news ways of communicating your personality to them.


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