4 Reasons Why Design is Important to your Business’ Success

It’s interesting to see just how much businesses value certain attributes of their brand. Some prioritise their online reputation, other’s aspire to perfect their website photography and other’s think design is most vital to their success. For the most part, we know that it’s a huge challenge for companies to refine a specific style that coincides with their brand.


But is having good design really worth it?


Of course! At &create we pride ourselves in promoting the wonders of what tasteful design work can do for a business. To show you exactly why we think this, we have decided to list some proven reasons why investing in design is a good business move.


1 – Design Sells


If you are fascinated by numbers then this first reason will 100% convince you to introduce at least some design into your business. Why? Because design is financially beneficial.


In 2005, a study was done where 63 company portfolios were observed; this happened over a 10 year period. It was discovered that, in terms of success rate, the businesses that didn’t put effort into their design performed far worse than the ones who did. Another study also determined that for roughly every £100 a business spends on design, they can increase their turnover by £225! So really, investing in design could be compared to investing in future profits.



2 –  Makes you Memorable


Memorable brands are created by having good customer service and a good product, but beyond that? Design is what people will remember. Studies have proven that colour is a trigger for memory, it’s a huge factor in how well we remember something. So by mixing together elements like colour, font, and layout you can make your brand more distinct within your industry.



But we do want to say this, it’s is way more than just the physical appearance. Design can be compared to when you meet a new person. You first take into account how they look, but as you get to know them you start to discover all their little characteristics. It’s not just making things look pretty, it’s about creating a visual that portrays the meaning and story behind your brand.



3 – First Impressions Matter


This point slightly refers to the last reason, the appearance of your business, brand or product matters more than you might think. A good example of this is: imagine you’re walking through a supermarket and you’re encountering hundreds that all competing to get your attention. What might convince you to buy a certain product over another? Price? Yes, but also good design. If something looks nice, you’re probably far more inclined to purchase it that a product which looks cheap/ tacky/ grubby.


You can make your brand more attention grabbing by simply having good design, and you have to make sure you communicate who you are and what you do all within a matter of seconds.


4 – Consistency


Arguably, consistency is the number one key rule to a successful business. What’s the use in having beautiful work when none of it looks like it belongs to your brand or belongs together?


Businesses fail when a) their logo is being used incorrectly, or b) their colours are being loosely adapted across platforms, or c) their brand values are being misconstrued. Ask yourself this, if your audience can’t talk about your brand’s voice, colour palette and how your communications generally look, then you might need to consider your design consistency.



There are many more reasons why design is critical to a brand’s success, too many to go through today. But what do you think?

Do you agree with us?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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