Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Website Home Page

Are you starting a new business venture and need a new website?

Or are you an established brand looking for a change?

A successful website home page is one that ensures your business hits the spot for your visitors. It must give them what they want while also bringing in leads and conversions for you.

Our blog will cover everything on home pages, from social media links to calls to action to signup forms.

So let’s begin! Here are our home page design dos and don’ts…

Do have a call to action

A strong call to action never fails. Give something for new visitors to be interested in straight away, rather than just saying “welcome”.

Some good examples include:

  • Want to design a website that makes sales?
  • We have some simple tips to help you DIY a website that converts
  • Try our product for free for one month
  • Learn more with a free consultation
Don’t put your social media links in your header

Your header is somewhere for more important information such as the rest of your website pages e.g Contact Page and About Us Page.

Social media links can be put anywhere else like in the footer at the bottom of your page or down the side.

Do stick to a simple colour palette

Using more than 3 colour on one page can be confusing and look messy, also try to avoid clashing colours.

Our suggestion? Have 2 or 3 tones that represent your brand and mesh well together.

Don’t just feature lists

Stating what you do and offer in featured lists is dull and drab and will probably turn away customers. Be creative with your business services!

Do highlight your benefits

Build viewers trust and confidence with a home page layout that engages your audience with the services you offer. Immediately show them how you can help and benefit them so that they continue to find out more about your business.

Don’t have a standard newsletter sign up

It’s generic and boring and it’s likely no one will actually click it.


Do give viewers a good reason to sign up

In reality, they will only sign up if they’re going to benefit from it. So entice them with weekly offers and advice, with the occasional advert for your services.

Phrases you could try:

  • Need more web design tips? Have them delivered straight to your inbox when you sign up to our newsletter…
  • Sign up to our newsletter and join our online community where we share all the helpful tips and tricks…
  • Want weekly advertising tips? Receive these and more when you sign up to our mailing list here…
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