Email Marketing: 12 Do’s and Don’ts for Email Subject Lines

Email marketing is still very relevant today and can be just as effective as other marketing methods like social media and PPC. But there are still a number of businesses who fail to see how email campaigns could bring them impressive results.

So how can you make this change?

For starters, you can constantly be aiming to improve your open rates and better optimise your email subject lines.

In this blog, we will be covering why subject lines matter, best practices for email subject lines and mistakes to avoid.

Before we start the do’s and don’ts, here are a few important statistics in email marketing:

  • 47% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line
  • 69% of email recipients report an email as spam based solely on the subject line


Subject Lines Do’s and Don’ts

Do use A/B testing as it can be very useful to future email campaigns. Also try increasing list segmentation to help prevent skewed results.

Don’t use vague teasers as these can backfire and put the recipient off. Instead, be clearer on what your email is about.

Do use personlised subject lines. Statistics show that 22% of recipients are more likely to open an email if it includes their name or something they care about.

Do use all caps BUT be savvy. Be careful you don’t go overboard as it can make your email appear like spam.

Don’t neglect keywords as it can help recipients find your messages.

Do use instructional terms along with a colon. For example:

  • Congratulations:
  • Please Read:
  • Reminder:
  • Alert:
  • Last Day to Enter:

Don’t send too many reminders. Being excessive can get very annoying and will lead to people to unsubscribe.

Don’t try to be smart with reverse psychology. Give real value.

Do use characters intelligently. Numbers and pound signs catch people’s attention and so does using one exclamation point (warning: using too many can get your email flagged as spam)

Don’t over apologise. Instead, try “Thank you for your patience.”

Do tap into FOMO. People hate missing out so give them something to be excited about.

Don’t over-use emojis and make sure they’re relevant to your industry.


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