Emphasising your Brand on Social

Brand is key. It’s your identity and the way people see you. So putting it out on social in the right way can help your business to flourish.

We know more than anyone that keeping to your brand guidelines is difficult, especially on social media. That’s why we’ve curated a few ways you can emphasise your business on your social platforms.


1. Create a visual branding board

Visual branding boarding is an invaluable skill that will help reimagine how a brand comes to life visually. Whether your business can afford a professional designer or not, it’s still important to explore what feels “on brand” before you start posting. 

Discover what visuals represent your brand the best with applications like Canva, or if you’re familiar things like Adobe Photoshop or InDesign.

social media

2. Invest in new photography

As a business, you should have your logo, fonts, and colors all figured out. So with these sorted, you need to bring them to life with photography.

Here are some questions for you to consider:

How does text complement your photography? 

Do you always feature your product in photographs? Or do you rarely feature it? 

What color scheme makes sense for your branding?


3. Establish with evergreen and ephemeral content

Brands should continue to experiment past the visual board phase with momentary content like Stories on Instagram.

Experiment with new creative elements, like YouTube featured videos or Facebook cover photos. A format that continues to produce results is video yet many businesses are failing to see it’s benefits.


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