Everything you Need to Know about Social Listening

If you don’t already know by now, social media is pretty big. And with the growth of this, businesses need to know what they are doing in order to successfully use it as a marketing platform. One of the ways to make sure your brand succeeds online is to regularly monitor activity and trends, which is also known as social listening.


So, what do we mean by social listening?


Well, given that so many people are conversing and sharing online, it’s valuable that as a company you ‘listen’ to what others are saying. Stay in the loop of trends, what other brands and your competitors are doing, and apply it to your own social media content because social listening ahead of time can help maximise your performance in the future. Social listening can also mean engaging, not with competitors but with your audience. Make sure your audience know you are active and encourage them to interact with you.


Here are a few tips we’ve curated so that you are on top of your social listening game in time for 2019.


But first, you need to determine your goals. Like anything, having a clear goal, or goals, is vital when you’re trying to achieve something. Social listening can help with goals such as:

  • Researching your target audience for what they like, dislike and engage with most
  • Generating leads and finding people who are genuinely interested in your services
  • Customer service and responding to customers online to develop a better reputation



Tip #1 – Choose the right keywords to monitor

Find keywords that are relevant to your brand and also your audience, see what your successful competitors are using. Apply these words to your own content in the captions and hashtags.


Tip #2 – Find relevant brand terms

Similar to tip number 1, you want to make sure your brand is known amongst similar brands. See what people like about their content and apply it too your own. You could also interact with their followers and re-direct them to your own business.


Tip #3 – Interact with your audience

Don’t leave them hanging, people usually have to see something multiple times before they actually go and buy it. Keep giving them relevant information and use persuasive language so that they are more inclined to use you over your competitors.


Tip #4 – Generate leads

Try and find people who are interested in your product, or unhappy with your competitor’s product. These people are more likely to result in conversion because they were already looking for the service beforehand.


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