Food Photography Hacks Professionals actually use

We see food photography everywhere, whether it’s featured in the morning adverts on TV or on a recipe site. And without a doubt, these kinds of images are satisfying, mouth-watering and ignite curiosity.

How do they make the beef look so juicy?

How is that burger not falling apart?

Well, carry on reading our blog to learn a few tricks of the trade.


Photography Hack #1 – Cardboard

Ever wondered how they add height to a stack of pancakes? The answer: Cardboard is used in between the pancakes. 

Photography Hack #2 – Toothpicks

Just like in a restaurant, photographers will use toothpicks to hold ingredients in place. Clever right? 

Photography Hack #3 – Glue

The milk in cereal ads always looks so thick and creamy. Well, that’s because they actually use glue as it holds the cereal without making it soggy.

Photography Hack #4 – Mashed potato

Real ice cream would melt instantly under the heat of studio lights, which is why a lot of photographers will favour mashed potato with food colouring as a substitute.

Photography Hack #5 – Shaving Cream 

Similarly to ice cream, whipped cream also melts. So photographers will use shaving cream to replicate a perfect whip on top of their pies.

Photography Hack #6 – Cotton Wool Balls

The food is almost never hot. Instead, wet cotton wool balls are microwaved then tucked behind the food to give the illusion of a steam-filled shot.

Photography Hack #7 – Bowls x2

In real life, your soup garnishes will often sink to the bottom. The solution? Photographers will place a smaller bowl upside down) inside the bigger one to hold the garnishes up.


There are plenty more food photography hacks out there, but these are just a few of our favourites.

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