Google My Business: A Short Guide

With the end of Google+, Google has been putting more focus on Google My Business. Another search tool and option that provides more opportunities for businesses to increase their exposure online through a multitude of platforms.

On Google My Business, there is an option for companies to share their key business info to aid in consolidating the accuracy of their Google presence.

In recent years, this Google platform has added a range of options including the ability for businesses to add short blog posts, analytics, and now the capacity to ensure your business appears in Google Maps.

If you’re a small business and you’re not utilizing Google My Business, well you should be as these can be massively beneficial tools for discovery.

So what should you expect with Google My Business?
Follow our simple but insightful guide to find out.

Creating your listing

1. Login to Google and go to
2. Start by typing your business name
3. Add your location
4. Select your business category
5. Add contact information

Verifying your listing

1. Login to GMB
2. Verify address and a name
3. Click send
4. You will receive a postcard with a verification code

Optimising your listing

1. Add key information to your profile such as:
– Address and location of your business
– Description about your business
– Website link

2. Create and media such as:
– A cover photo
– Exterior photos of your building
– Profile Picture (make sure it’s your logo)

Running your listing

So now you have your listing, you need to make sure it’s doing it’s job.
Here are some tips on how you can make the most of your listing:

1. Check back frequently
2. Use the Q&A feature
3. Respond to reviews
4. Write posts
5. Use the messages feature
6. Update with regular photos


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