How to break bad Social Media Habits

Nowadays pretty much everyone is in touch with the digital age, which also means that pretty much everyone has social media. Social media is a great tool for businesses, big and small, providing them with a sharing platform and direct access to communicate with their audience.


However, it’s not all daisies and rainbows. Too much of a good thing can lead to a not so happy ending, in this case bad social media habits.


What do we mean by this?

Most people believe that all you need to do is post a pretty picture on Instagram every now and then, when in fact that’s really only the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the surface of that is something much more complex, and it’s vital you understand it if you want your social media marketing plan to succeed.


There’s also a lot of articles out there giving you advice on what you should be doing. But what about the things you shouldn’t be doing? Those things that are actually doing your business more harm than good?


Well, worry not, in this blog we delve into the most common social media habits and how you can break them in 2019!


The Habit: Focusing on vanity metrics

Why people do it: Vanity. They see their followers and likes grow, they get excited and assume that those metrics directly correlate to their business success.

Why it’s bad: You spend less time looking at more critical metrics such as impressions, website visits, time on site, conversions, and bounce rate.

How to break it: Avoid judging your social media marketing success by follower growth or engagements alone. Focus on the traffic it’s bringing to your site or even inbox.



The Habit: Lack of storytelling

Why people do it: Laziness. They focus more on pushing their services than showing their audience who they really are.

Why it’s bad: Social media is not just a place for your sales pitches. Your audience won’t relate to you if all your care about is sales and conversions.

How to break it: Your customer base is looking for good products and good relationships. So share short but contextually full snippets about why your brand exists, and how you do what you do.



The Habit: Posting for the sake of posting

Why people do it: Efficiency. Brands hope that by pushing out a lot of content regularly they’ll get more interaction.

Why it’s bad: You can portray yourself as a spam or fake account. Your content is no longer personal to the target audience and they’ll eventually lose interest.

How to break it: Review your reports to learn about what posts worked and what didn’t. Then make opportunities for you to post out interesting and relevant content to your followers.


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