Social Commerce and How to Grow your Business with It

Before we even begin with this blog, we want to talk about what social commerce actually is. This term basically means using social networking platforms as a way to sell your products and services.

So how can you master this way of marketing to help grow your business?

Why Social Commerce Matters

why social commerce matters

How To Leverage Social Commerce

automated chatbots1. Use Automated Chatbots

Why should you start selling directly through a bot? Well, 72% of users find them helpful and informative with a further 74% of shoppers open to making a purchase through a chatbot.

mobile users2. Focus on Mobile Users

Keeping a strong social media presence is key as 45% of consumers will go to mobile social platforms to influence their buying decisions. But abandonment rates are 3x higher on mobile so make sure you’re site is optimised for better user experience.

monitor reviews3. Monitor Reviews

Did you know that customer reviews are 12x more likely to be trusted than your standard marketing descriptions? Reaching out to those who have left a review will also change consumers’ views of your brand.

connect with customers4. Connect Directly with Customers

90% of your audience will expect an immediate response to customer service questions. Keep on top of this by utilising Facebook messenger which can send out automated responses and alert you to reply to them.

micro-influencers5. Influencer Campaigns

Can’t afford a major influencer? No worries. Look for micro-influencers instead as these kinds of people, with less than 35,000 followers, often get the highest engagement rate at 5.3%.


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