Tips for Taking Photos of People

No matter what kind of business you have, at some point you will need to photograph people. Whether that’s team photos for your website or behind the scenes shots for your social. 

Having photos of people is great for putting a face to your business, it will build familiarity and loyalty with your customers. But a bad photo can do the opposite. Ever seen a sloppy photo online that looked as if no thought was put into it? Well, these kinds of images will instantly turn new customers away and give the appearance that your business is unprofessional and cheap.

So how can you avoid this? 

We have a few tips to help you along the way to ensure your photos are engaging rather than off-putting.

Tip 1 – Know your angles

Having the right angle or shot type for your photos is key. Close ups are usually used for headshots whereas long shots are great for more fashion-based projects.

Tip 2 – Avoid cutting of limbs

And by this we mean keeping all the body within the frame. There’s nothing more awkward than a photo where an arm or leg has been cropped out an image.

Tip 3 – Watch the hair

Now, this only applies to people with longer hair, but scraggly locks can really decrease the appeal of an image. Always keep a brush handy when photographing people so that you can tame any flyaways.

Tip 4 – Don’t take it straight on

Whatever you do, don’t pose your subjects straight on with their arms by their sides – it can look really awkward and forced. Instead turn their bodies 45 degrees with their head still looking at the camera and have their arms bent. This will give the illusion of a more relaxed posture and make your team seem more approachable.

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